Prima Rear Rack (Black); Genuine Venture


Regular price $76.99

Pack up that pic-a-nic basket and get ready to hit the road, because your Genuine Venture now has a rear rack for mounting any and all baguette and wine carrying recepticals that you might have.  This includes milk crates, record crates, and even Kyle Korver from the University of CREIGHTon.*

In all seriousness, though, you should add a milk crate, rear basket, or topcase.  They look sweeeeeeeet. 

Don't forget that if you need to drop your seat height a bit, then check out or low profile seat.  

*We don't recommend putting Kyle Korver, Doug McDermott, Benoit Benjamin, or any other NBA player from the University of Creighton on your Venture Rear Rack.  For that matter, don't put anyone from Omaha on your scooter rack, or anyone in general. 

**Uses existing hardware used for grab rail to mount this rack**