Polini Contessa Cylinder Kit (72cc); Honda Dio, Kymco ZX


Regular price $224.99

Polini has become the leader in Italian racing cylinder kits.  Their entry level Contessa options are relitively easy to install, tune, and improve the performance of your scooter.  This 72cc kit for the Honda Dio, Elite, and Kymco ZX is the ideal starter big bore kit for someone looking to get significant gain without excess tuning time. 

Don't forget to properly break in your big bore kit and add about an ounce of 2 stroke oil to your gas tanks.  50cc oil injectors are not meant to lubricate 72cc bores.  For break in, we recommend 200-300 mile before running your bike full throttle for any extensive length of time.


*All big bore kits are non returnable and have no warranty*

Not legal for use in California on pollution controlled vehicles. Check local laws before installing.