Vee Tire Co. Fluid 26x2.35 Mountain/Gravel/Enduro Tire

Primo Scooter Company

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img-qind.JPGVee Tire Co. Fluid Mountain, Gravel and Enduro Tire 26x2.35 folding bead, black tread tire. Also used on e-bikes!

Designed for mountain bike trail riding or racing, this tire is set apart by it’s transition knobs. Their diamond shape combined with the chiseled center of the tire itself provide excellent cornering for quick maneuverability when challenging tricky terrain.

Tackee is one of Vee's softest Compounds, this compound makes for a tire that is fun to ride as it maintains stickiness on all mountain and enduro segments. Unlike other soft compounds offered by our competitor’s, our Tackee compound offers the smallest rebound for more control on downhill. This compound features a low hardness of 48 A.

This tire also features Synthesis Sidewall which is a specially woven and lightweight layer that gives additional puncture and cut protection to your tires. Adapted from road tire technology, Synthesis is lighter than the standard casing, enhances performance and features a high-end aesthetic exterior.