Dr. Pulley GY6 Variator Kit

Primo Scooter Company

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Performance Variator Assembly V 181401 for 125cc & 150cc 4-stroke GY6 engines.
  • Specially Designed Ramp Shape
  • Extended Ramp Length
  • Adjustable Boss Length
  • Racing Type Ramp Plate
  • Includes Instructions
  • Includes Sliders
  • Does Not Included Roller Weights
  • Number of Splines: 19
  • Drive Face Outer Diameter (A): 114mm
  • Boss Inner Diameter (C): 15mm
  • Boss Outer Diameter (B): 24mm
  • Ramp Plate Inner Diameter (D): 15mm 
  • Fan Inner Diameter Peak to Peak (H): 14mm
  • Fan Inner Diameter Valley to Valley (G): 15mm
Supported Models

GY6 QMI/QMJ 152/157